YEMOYA Intl Artist Residency

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r/evolution begins within

YEMOYA is an international artist residency that combines arts training with wellness practices for the wholistic development of people. founded in january 2008 by d’bi.youngYEMOYA is the international artist residency at The Watah School.

intensive artist-residencies focus on the creative, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of its resident artists. using self-knowledge, orality, rhythm, political content and context, language, urgency, sacredness and integrity – eight principles in d’bi.young’s sorplusi methodology  – YEMOYA promotes social change through personal change. we firmly believe that r/evolution begins within.

YEMOYA aims to:

  • provide resident artists with the tools to achieve optimal creative, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • use the sorplusi methodology to assist resident artists in achieving an artistic goal during the course of their residency; such as a monodrama, a novel, a painting, a portfolio, an exhibit, an installation or multi-media piece etc
  • be the custodian of the ongoing archive of resident artistic works that emerge from the residency
  • promote holistic (creative, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) health in different communities by facilitating collaborative arts-education projects nationally and internationally
  • network with global programs that are similar in scope in order to foster artist/ic exchange

YEMOYA is unique in it’s methodology, it’s pedagogy, and it’s results.

YEMOYA empowers people with immeasurable life skills that include: achieving a healthy state of body and mind, development of critical analysis , collaboration, and conflict resolution skills.

d’bi.young’s mentorship model is based on the premise that everyone is a storyteller with a story to tell, whether professional or amateur and gives the artist a solid theoretical, methodological, practical, pedagogical, and administrative approach to art-making .

artists get the opportunity to reflect on their lives while nurturing a personal creative system that they can utilize to sustain wellness and to generate art. the model is primarily concerned with nurturing integrity in the work of the artists and in the artists themselves.

the artist is always implicated in their art and the dialogue between them and their audiences is always open. the sorplusi method inspires artists to be socially conscious human beings and socially conscious human beings to become artists.

The Watah School is a Trans-Disciplinary Arts Institute that nurtures the artist as healer, mentor & keeper of the sacred.

Apply now for 2015 admission:
Trans-Disciplinary Artist Program (TAP)

Performing Arts Training Intensive (PATI)

YEMOYA Intl Artist Residency

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