The Performing Arts Training Intensive (PATI)

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Zak’isha Brown | Najla Edwards | Faduma Mohamed | David Delisca | Tristan Dryden | Morad Guzman | Jermaine Henry | Jordan Laffrenier | Paul Ohonsi | Luke Reece | Sashoya Simpson | Tanya Tulloch | Halima Nuri | Angaer Arop | Shinell McCalla | Clover Boxtop

Artists-In-Residence of The Inaugural PATI Program

The Performing Arts Training Intensive (PATI) is a radical training and skills development program for emerging Black and racialized artists, 18-26, focused on cultivating and nurturing self-actualization, art-creation and mentorship-facilitation within the learner, towards the emancipation of community; the artist as human, healer and leader. The program is a bridge into professional theatre that provides both theoretical and practical performance training while enabling mentorship between emerging and established artists. Through this model of consistent training and mentorship, our mission is to encourage young emerging artists to cultivate an intersectional w/holistic approach to their lives, their art and their communities; telling their stories, creating art and leading others, from a place of compassion and authenticity. Youth engaged in this cyclical mentorship framework, develop not only as artists but as community leaders and arts educators. This allows for youth to nurture strong engagement within their communities and return to those communities as ambassadors of change.

The Watah School is a Trans-Disciplinary Arts Institute that nurtures the artist as healer, mentor & keeper of the sacred.

Apply now for 2015 admission:
Trans-Disciplinary Artist Program (TAP)

Performing Arts Training Intensive (PATI)

YEMOYA Intl Artist Residency


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