by practicing introspection or focused ‘I’ gazing, moments of grace may occur in which the moving waters of your interior become still. in place of the typical currents and rapids, an illuminated mirror mind appears, lucidly reflecting your face, your original face – usually elusive, yet so obviously ever-present. radiant stillness opens the gateless gate of radical transparency all the way down to the ocean bottom of your own awareness. witness the empty space holding the bubbly water that is your interior consciousness, your ‘I’ space

integral life practice by ken wilbur, terry patten, adam leonard & marco morelli

Watah Theatre Institute is a dub theatre company strongly invested in the professional development of emerging Black and diverse artists, grounded in d’bi.young anitafrika’s Sorplusi Method, that cultivates and nurtures artists as healers, mentors, and keepers of the sacred. Watah is a conceptual and physical space where the potentialities of arts and healing flow into an ocean of the self with(in) community. Arts-education meets meditation meets ritual and celebration in an ongoing exploration of our place on this planet and in this cosmos. Lovingly curated artist residencies, Watah workshops and one-to-one mentorship with d’bi. and a host of dynamic artist-educators, make The Watah Institute a womb-oasis in the city of Toronto and the world.

Watah Theatre Institute – grounded in African Oral Storytelling traditions – is a crossroads where the radical performance traditions of Jamaica’s Dubpoetry, Caribbean theatrical storytelling and Black wombanist thought, intersect with critical Pan-Africanist theory-into-practice, Ifa-Tao-Buddhist principles, balanced by the global mind-body healing modalities of Ashtanga Yoga and Qi Gong. Previously anitafrika dub theatre, Watah was founded in 2008 by d’bi.young anitafrika and was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2014. The centre is a w/holistic artist development institute, grounded in the Sorplusi Method, with a mission to  cultivate and nurture artists as healers, mentors, and keepers of the sacred. Arts-engagement sits at the core of the organization’s commitment to providing world people’s who are newly emerged, mid-career and established artists such as Black womben, racialized young adults, new immigrants, first nations and LGBTQQIP2SAA people, with the tools to self-actualize, create urgent art and uncover crucial mentorship skills for each one to teach one; facilitating an ongoing exploration of our place on this planet and in this cosmos.

Watah celebrates the artist as a whole human entity who mirrors society and helps to shape it circularly and inwardly. Like being in a mother’s loving womb where the child is nurtured and cultivated, Watah is a cauldron of cultivation for a new generation of storytellers. Experiments with(in) global mind-body healing modalities and their intersection with and connection to art-creation, produce layered textures of explorations for the practitioners at The Watah School.

This is a meeting place for us to uncover the r/evolutionary-storyteller-artist-healer-witch-bushdoctor-shaman-santera-sangoma-obeahwomban-priestess-bodhisattva-guru-herbalist-mystic-taoistmaster-sage-sadhu-yogi-crone-lovalutionary from deep within. We balance the personal and the political, the micro and the macro and the private and the public in a world constructed on old external systems of inequality that mirror the chaos within.

Watah=Water=H2O=The Elixir of Life

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