d’bi.young anitafrika | dub-artist

d'bi 4 by anthony gebrehiwot


d’bi.young anitafrika | dub-artist

d’bi.young anitafrika, Artistic Director of The Watah School, is an internationally celebrated African-Jamaican-Canadian dub-artist, arts-educator and emerging theatre director, whose Pan-African trans-disciplinary explorations of identity, gender, sexuality, class and the human experience, continue to make an indelible mark upon the Canadian & global cultural landscape.

Her travels have taken her to Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, North America, Europe & the United Nations, providing her with a world-wide lab to experiment with and expand upon her Sorplusi Method theoretical framework. d’bi. is the published author of eleven plays, two collections of poetry, six dubpoetry albums and is anthologized in numerous publications worldwide. She is the recipient of the Canadian Poet of Honor accolade, two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, the KM Hunter Theatre Award, and the Mayor’s Arts Council Award. d’bi. is the Artistic Director of YEMOYA International Artist Residency & the program designer-facilitator of the Arts Academy of The Stephen Lewis Foundation. She teaches ongoing publicly-accessible workshops at The Watah School.

Her latest creation is a new solo show entitled ‘Ssshe Mami Wata’ chronicling the life of a queer-church-going-erotic-dancer living in present day Jamaica who is touched by the ancient African God/dess Mami Wata. The piece premieres March 2015 in The Audre Lorde Works-In-Progress Festival at Dancemakers Theatre.

image by Anthony Gebrehiwot

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