#WatahOurRoots: Let’s Grow Watah Together

The Watah School: A Black Trans-Disciplinary Arts Institute

Dear loving community,

It is an absolute honor to write this letter to you as leaders, arts lovers, and supporters of the growth, radical healing and development of young people in this city.

Earlier this year Toronto opened its arms to the first Black trans-disciplinary arts and healing institute – The Watah School (located in the Distillery District). The School, founded by dub artist storyteller d’bi.young anitafrika, re-envisions artistic training and development from the inter-sectional anti-oppressive perspectives of artists who are Black and racialized, womben, newcomers and LGBTQQl2PSAA people. Watah is a call to action to recognize the depths of healing art provides us, and it is a loving recognition that now, here, in our city it is time to create an institution that is w/holistic.

From its inception, (in 2008 as anitafrika dub theatre) to present, The Watah School has facilitated the growth and development of over 500 artists, including instigators such as Che Kothari, Liza Paul, Kim Katrin Crosby, Randell Adjei and Lishai Peel, just to name a few. We particularly reach out to you today because your work intersects directly or indirectly with the vision of Watah and it is critical that you are recognized as a central part in the development of this local/global vision.

For The Watah School to continue sprouting new seeds of sustainability, we need a vibrant network of support.

Right now we are running #WatahOurRoots, a fundraising campaign to raise $7000 for some basic essentials we need for Watah. The campaign ends on December 22 and we are currently at 18% of our goal. We are confident we can make 100% but we need your contribution! We need supporters like you to not only donate to our campaign but also to share, share, share the work we are doing at Watah with your networks!


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