Recent Alumni of The Watah School, Laura Kelsey Rideout, Shares Her Performance Poem ‘Rain’

Laura Kelsey Rideout created the poem ‘Rain’ as her culminating piece in the Dynamic Performance workshop, facilitated by d’bi.young anitafrika at The Watah School

Laura Kelsey Rideout is a poet, performance artist and facilitator. Born in Ottawa, Kelsey comes from a mixed ancestral line of Indian, Portuguese, Armenian, British and Irish descent. She writes because her father wrote, her grandfather wrote, her aunt writes, her uncle writes, her sister films, her mother paints.

Kelsey uses the performing arts as a platform to investigate how political struggles are mapped intimately onto the body. She aims to create layered pieces that serve as platforms for humanization, that string political discussions into honest, urgent examinations of the self.

She believes art challenges us to both unsettle that which has stopped questioning and help settle that which is calling for home. In this way, she sees art as a process of intentional non-violent resettlement.

Currently, Kelsey is working on developing a series of public performance arts pieces that challenge how we consume violence, a collection of poetry, and a series of monologues focused on women and mental health.

Her poetry has been published in the anthology Ochun, by Sorplusi Institute Press (2014).


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