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The Watah Artists-In-Residencies (WAIRs) are year-long programs based in Toronto Canada, exploring the self, art, and community using The Sorplusi Method, facilitated by globally celebrated artist d’bi.young anitafrika. WAIRs are open to artists and non-artists, emerging, newly-emerged, mid-career and established. All are welcome. Each artist works diligently for the year, creating a unique work of art, catalyzed by their biographical experiences, supported by the womb of the Watah Residency.
Based in Toronto Canada, WAIR has 5 tributaries: BMI – Biomyth Monodrama Intensive, TAP – Transdisciplinary Artist Residency, PATI – Performing Arts Training Intensive, YAM – Youth Artist Mentorship and YEMOYA Intl Artist Residency (hosted globally for 3 weeks yearly).
The Watah School (womb arts and healing) is a w/holistic artist development institute, grounded in d’bi.young anitafrika’s Sorplusi Method, that cultivates and nurtures artists as healers, mentors, and keepers of the sacred. Watah is a conceptual and physical space where the potentialities of arts and healing flow into an ocean of the self with(in) community. Arts-education meets meditation meets ritual and celebration in an ongoing exploration of our place on this planet and in this cosmos. Lovingly curated artist residencies, Watah workshops and one-to-one mentorship with d’bi. make The Watah School a womb-oasis in the city of Toronto.
 The Watah School celebrates the artist as a whole human entity who mirrors society and helps to shape it circularly and inwardly. Like a mother’s loving womb where a human child is nurtured and cultivated in water for nine months, Watah is a cauldron of cultivation for a new generation of storytellers. Experiments with(in) global mind-body healing modalities and their intersection with and connection to art-creation, produce layered textures of explorations for the practitioners at The Watah School.

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