the watah school by kanwal rahim…

There is something very mystical & magical about that shape.
In my experience and those of ancient peoples, it has been a required and nurturing geometry for healing oneself and others. 
The WaTaH School has become one such Sacred Circle for me. 
A watering well of bringing, gathering and sharing of ourselves and for leaving and returning to the core sacredness of it. As long as it is a circle, it's always open to receiving and expanding to meet the needs of our artistic and spiritual becoming. The requirements are not rigid but sacred and fluid ensuring all aspects of us continue flowing.    The spirit of Watah school is non-elitist as everyone is welcome to bring, share, grow and express all of themselves in a place of love and trust.   

For the first time in my journey, I feel a deep belonging as an integral and valuable part of a community of artists who will nurture my growth and dreams as I am delighted to be a part of their journeys of healing. 

With D'bi's valuable guidance, gradually integrating the Sorplusi Principles into my life has been profoundly transformational to me as an arts practitioner. And I hope to continue contributing to the Watah school in any capacity that I am able to. I imagine myself being attached to Watah for life as Water is Life. 
- Kanwal Rahim 

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