would you like to be a cast member in canada’s first dub-o-pera?


The Watah School In Association With Piece Of Mine Festival & R.I.S.E Edutainment Presents WORD! SOUND! POWAH!

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** An Open Call Out for Poets, Dancers, Singers & Musicians Aged 18-30
The Watah School In Association with Piece of Mine Festival & R.I.S.E Edutainment PRESENTS:

Canada’s First Dub Opera

Word! Sound! Powah! is the award-winning 3rd installment of D’bi.young Anitafrika’s Sankofa Trilogy following her earlier plays Blood.Claat and Benu. Word! Sound! Powah! Dub-o-pera is a recent adaptation of the original monodrama and the first dub-o-pera to be produced in Canada. The live performance will now feature a fifteen member cast and ten member crew comprised of Canada’s most dynamic young performers and artists emerging out of Toronto. D’bi. is director and lead facilitator on the project, in collaboration with a dynamic team of professional artists who are also educators.

The Performing Arts Training Intensive or PATI

All cast members will go through The PATI Artist Residency at The Watah School which is a professional development program offered to emerging and newly emerged artists, grounded in The Sorplusi Method. September 2014 will be PATI’s official launch, hosted by The Piece Of Mine Festival in conjunction with R.I.S.E Edutainment. The program is a bridge into professional theatre that provides both theoretical and practical performance training while enabling mentorship between newer and established artists. Artists involved in the project work side by side; fostering a circularmentorship of mutual learning.

This inaugural incarnation of PATI entails a) a one-week summer intensive of The Sorplusi Method b) followed by a two-week rehearsal period of the selected play c) culminating in a two-day public workshop performance by the artists-in-residence at the Piece of Mine Festival. The intention is to continue working through-out the year with the same group of artists, further developing their skills as the theatrical piece matures into a world-class production. Voice, movement, mask, script development, poetics, stage-management, set & lighting design, grant-writing, arts administration are some of the areas of focus though-out the year. The residency ends in a world premiere of the chosen play.

D’bi will be performing the Sankofa Trilogy: Blood.Claat, Benu and Word! Sound Powah! June 16th, 17th & 18th at Daniels Spectrum. So if you are interested we urge you go see the play! To learn more go to the events page: http://riseedutainment.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=137109fd6a48ab2c88909d5e1&id=bf32e3749a&e=c2dd9d25fd

Call Out is June 23rd, 2014 ~ Doors open at 6:30 ~ Show starts at 7 p.m
1081 Progress Avenue, Burrows Hall Community Centre

If interested in participating in the open call-out please email

Peace X Love,

The Watah School, Piece of Mine Festival & R.I.S.E Edutainment

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