d'bi masai warior princess by wade hudson high res

‘I follow a cyclical–reciprocal model of teach and learn, mentor and be mentored, using art as a medium of self-interrogation and expression while mirroring the society around me. I believe that artists are responsible for honouring the sacred in our present-day societies. people, our livelihoods, our planet, our cosmos, and beyond are sacred. I feel that if the work we create is truly for the people then we can’t avoid asking questions about our present state of being (globally, nationally, locally, personally). no one enjoys being hurt, left out, disregarded, disrespected, used, abused, and not being celebrated. being loved, admired, celebrated, challenged, inspired, having food, a roof, and safety, helps the spirit to not only feel good, but to find its own generosity. when we look around at our world, it’s inevitable that some serious questions will be asked. the artist decides what questions, what style to ask the questions in, what characters to ask the questions through, and so forth. but undoubtedly the questions will be posed and maybe we will even uncover some answers.’ – d’bi.

the watah school

‘what does it mean to self-actualize? what does it mean to be a leader? are storytellers leaders? and if yes, what considerations are associated with leading? where are we leading ourselves and the world to? the meticulous investigation of these questions sits at the core of the WATAH school which uses the sorplusi method as it’s pedagogical framework. the practitioners in the courses are invited to continually ask the questions who am I? how am I? what is my purpose? supported by the methodology through a range of meditations, regression exercises, physical, theatrical, literary, and leadership development activities, as well as other creative techniques, each practitioner is guided through a process of uncovering their empathetic eco-system of accountability and responsibility between themselves and the stories they choose to create and share. each artist meticulously excavates the principles of sorplusi, developing their own critical-analytical, self-reflective, oppression-aware perspective while simultaneously creating stories grounded in the method. this adventure of self-investigation charts the intersections of self with collective, in and through love. practitioners are guided and mentored through this process, ensuring that they share how and when they want about whichever experiences are the most relevant for them.’ – d’bi.

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