YEMOYA: Featuring D’bi Young Anitafrika.

March 10, 2014

“People, our livelihoods, our planet, our cosmos, and beyond are sacred. I feel that if the work we create is truly for the people then we can’t avoid asking questions about our present state of being (globally, nationally, locally, personally)” – D’bi Young Anitafrika, Afrikan-Jamaican-Canadian dubpoet, artist, performer, friend. Photographer, Wade Hudson has had the esteemed pleasure of becoming a wonderful friend and partner with D’bi over the few short years that they have known each other. Additionally, Wade has been lucky enough to spend some time in Jamaica at one of her residencies shooting an editorial for the UK’s WIRED Magazine.


D’bi founded YEMOYA, a 3 week international artist residency hosted biannually in a different country. She has been able to mentor over 50 artists globally in the 7 short years that the program has been up and running. D’bi follows a “cyclical–reciprocal model of teach and learn—mentor and be mentored, using art as a medium of self-interrogation and expression while mirroring the society around her.” Inspired by D’bi and YEMOYA, Wade is currently creating a book entitled The Faces of YEMOYA to showcase the alumni artists that have been involved with the international artist residency. Having been asked to join the team to provide photography, Wade is leading in the design element and image capture of some of YEMOYA’s past participants.


The YEMOYA program and the YEMOYA book are opportunities to connect artists globally while fostering communication across borders and cultures. Together, they serve as an inspiration to emerging artists worldwide who are able to connect with the artists and their profiles presented in the book; a living reflection of themselves and their potential. Luckily, not only Wade, but you too, have the opportunity to help lift the YEMOYA program and book to success through a campaign found on indiegogo.com. The campaign runs until April 15th.

To learn more or to help the YEMOYA program and book, click here.

To see more from Wade Hudson, click here.

All photos by Wade Hudson

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