dear village welcome to WATAH – wombarts academy of healing

dear village how are you
it’s d’bi.

i hope you are happy, healthy, inspired, focused and loved
it’s been a few years since i have been wandering the world
learning growing clarifying my purpose

the adventures have been enormous 🙂

upon returning to toronto canada unofficially summer 2013
and officially january 2014
to work with the stephen lewis foundation
on developing the very urgent arts activism and aids academy
i realized how much wandering has indeed given me a canvass
as wide as the world
to draw on for my work as an artist and mentor

there are many offerings that i have in mind

a few of those projects have already begun
such as the monthly series
the art(is)t shaman sessions
an ongoing exploration of our sacred gatherings
at the crossroads of the life, art, ritual, healing
and magick primarily in the lives of racialized womben
run by the art(is)t shaman collective

and the monthly full moon meditations reading circle
where womben gather to meditate and read on the full moon

as i was visualizing the roots for these various projects
and having been deeply inspired by the inaugural
arts activism and aids academy
i thought of WATAH – wombarts academy of healing
as both a concept and physical space into which all
these potentialities can flow…a space where i can continue
to share my developing arts-healing frameworks with the village

the first course i am teaching of 2014 is
I AM: a six week self-recovery workshop using the sorplusi method
the course begins saturday march 1st and runs till saturday april 5th 6:30-8:30pm
to find out more info visit arts education

looking forward to seeing you in session
and to hearing from you too!

more to come


in solidarity

d’bi.young anitafrika

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